A bajaji ride to remember

For the last three weeks I have been volunteering in Tanzania with an organisation called CDI. I am working on the community engagement side of a sanitation project and, of course, working to make the project as socially and environmentally sustainable as possible. Here is my first blog post for CDI!

Cambridge Development Initiative

Today was the second day I was not woken up at 6am by bleating goats – the coincidence of silent mornings and the end of Eid celebrations is one I’d prefer not to consider too closely. Instead, I meandered downstairs at a leisurely 7.10am for a breakfast of baked bread laden with lime marmalade, followed by fresh fruit and litchi juice. The day started well.


This was a significant day for the Engineering team. Today, Rosie (project director) and I were to meet with the community members who lived by our proposed Simplified Sewerage System route in Vingunguti and present our project. Following a successful pilot project last summer, this year’s CDI Engineering team is planning to expand the simplified sewerage system introduced to Vingunguti’s informal settlements by the waste pond 12 months ago. In short, the simplified sewerage system provides a safe and affordable sanitation solution to those who…

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