An Open Letter to David Cameron

This morning I guest authored for Geo/Socio/Politico and wrote an open letter to David Cameron. Here is the link for all those who have nearly-but-not-quite had enough of politics in one lifetime:


Dear David Cameron,

It has certainly been a turbulent year for politics. In fact, it is quite likely that I will never see a year like this again: last summer I voted in the Scottish Referendum and yesterday I voted in my first General Election.

Today, morning of 8th May, the results are flooding in after sleepless nights of counting and waiting. It has just been announced that the Conservative Party have gained a slender majority.

I wish I could congratulate you but I can’t. I did not vote for the Conservative Party on the 7th May and, if truth be told, the thought of a Conservative Government wholly unsettles me.

Why? Perhaps it is because I grew up in post-Thatcher Scotland, or maybe because born a daughter to two social work parents? It could be that I attended a local comprehensive school where we had to organise a sponsored…

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